Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I haven't posted pictures of the kids in awhile, so here are a few pictures of the kids over this past weekend and some I took today. Also a video of Maddy!
The kids had their flu shots last wednesday and on thursday they got sick with a cold. Which they still have. My poor babies. They are getting better though.
This past weekend I drove up to my mom's and we hung out and went to the Santa Barbara Zoo, which I don't have any pictures of yet, my mom is going to put the pictures she took on a disc for me and then I will put some of them on here. We had a good weekend and we are now ready for Halloween, because once Halloween is over, then we know Daddy will be here in a couple of weeks! :)
Our Countdown to us leaving CA and on our long 4 day roadtrip adventure to N.C is getting closer, about 8 weeks to go. We wish we were leaving tomorrow.
Our Countdown to Disneyland is getting closer too. That we can not wait for. The kids are going to be in "AWW"..hopefully with good attitudes that day too. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
I have been selling stuff on ebay and craigslist. With alot of luck, everything I have put on, has sold.
Getting boxes and packing is also what I have been up to.
Chase is continuing his pre-school class once a week for an hour and a half. He really loves it.
Iam thinking of having Chase's 3rd birthday a month before his actual birthday due to the big move and not knowing anyone in N.C. So I am thinking about having the party at Chuckie Cheese on Saturday the 13th of december. No family really..it's just for his friends in his pre-school class. A short and content little party for my baby chase. I feel bad since we will be in a new place, that Chase won't be having a REAL birthday party. So this will be nice.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Got Our First House

Wohoo! I thought this day would never come. As most of you know we are moving to N.C December 28th. We have been looking for a house to rent for awhile and God has given us a home. Thankgoodness. We signed up for a one year lease and then if we like the home after the year is up, they are giving us the chance to by the home for $174,000.

The home is in Granite Falls, N.C The home is 4 bedrooms,3 bath and 2800 sq feet. 3 car garage. Huge finished basement. Hardwood floors in the dining and kitchen area. The house is on a half acre of land. Plus the house is in walking distance of the lake.This home is perfect for our growing family. We got the word tonight and we are still in utter shock. Its the best news.
Everyone is so friendly back east its very welcoming. Our relator and the home owner are all nice. We can not wait to get on with our new lives.

Congrats to us!!!

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2 Dorks Are Better Than One
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