Tuesday, February 17, 2009

VA Here we come

Andy got offical orders today! We leave and pack out for Norfolk, VA in mid-July. We will be there for 4 years. Andy got his dream job there, and he will not be returning to Iraq for the third time at all while we are there in VA. The lord has been answering all of our prayers and everyone elses whom have been praying for us. Andy starts work in August. So we have another 5-6 months here in N.C.
I can't believe that when we leave VA in four years that Chase will be in second grade he will be 7 years old and Maddy will be almost 6. Time will fly as it is now.

Such great news and we are thrilled. My mom and grandparents are going to watch the kids in July while Andy and I chose our new Navy House. I love the navy housing so I can not wait. We will be down-grading from our current 5 bedroom 3 full baths to 3 bedroom 2.5 bath, but its better that way. This is house is just too big for us. VA here we come this summer. Woohoo!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Not the flu

Yes my babies had/have the flu. All the times when I wished they wouldn't get sick, they got sick. It all started on the 7th. I took Chase to the ER on the 8th because his fever was almost 104. The nearest hospital south is 20 mintues and north is also 20 minutes. I chose the hospital south because there were the "H" signs with arrows posted saying which way to go. I really need to invest in a GPS. I got there and there was a line out the ER door just to check in. It was just the kids and I and both of them were crying. Well there was a lady in front of me, she gave me a dirty look and said "Well, it looks like you didn't go to church today". Yes it was sunday and Whoa!! My day was already going downhill and she has to open her mouth. I didn't say anything, I wanted her to look like the dumb one and I knew later on it would come back to her. I am a strong believer in Karma. Everyone around here goes to Church on Sundays. There are only two Catholic churches in my county and they are not very close, plus I have two kids and I am by myself and to top it off we are moving soon again. As much as I pray everyday and as much as I believe in the lord and god, church is just not an option right now. Anyway, I still can't believe she said that to me.
So Chase had the flu. It started with a fever, than vomiting but only once and then the cough and nose stuff. He is FINALLY getting better. Madison has only been vomiting, but only at night. I am thinking she is not a dairy girl, so I am putting her on Lactose Free dairy. We will see if that helps. She might just have the flu, but vomiting is her only symptom and its every night. If she is not better in another week, I will take her to the ER. I wish we had closer doctors on our insurance. Thats another reason to why I am glad Andy is staying in the Navy, we will finally be on post again and everything is right there.

Which brings me to, we are going to Virginia? Thats what is planned for right now. Andy's Masters Chiefs are sending us there. There was also a billet for Greece, Mississippi, San Diego and Port Hueneme. If something does happen in the next few weeks, to where VA is out, than we are going to Mississippi. Andy has 12 more years to retirement, so we will be moving at least another 4 times. Another 4 states to go to or even other countries like Greece. Greece is just oo far right now, and our kids are so young. We will go there later. :)

Today is friday the 13th, and I had my strike of bad luck today.
Madison was asleep, Chase and I went to get the mail. I saw that it was windy and that my front door was barely open, so I rushed over and BAM. It slams shut, with the door locked along with every other window and door in the house and my Maddy was in there. I didn't panic, because when I panic my brain shuts down. So Chase and I laughed and we went too the neighbors house. Thank goodness they were home and very nice. I asked the lady there for a credit card or a gift card, some kind of card. She gave me her DL and with the trick Andy had taught me before he left, I unlocked the bottom lock. If the dead-bolt had been locked, I would have had to call a locksmith. So thank you to my neighbors. I am staying in-doors the rest of the day now. HaHa.

Chase was born on Friday the 13th and I had goodluck that day. Everyone be careful.

That is our mini-but long update for now. I can't believe March is already around the corner.

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2 Dorks Are Better Than One
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