Sunday, November 30, 2008

A couple of shots...

Here are a few pictures of yesterday that I took before Andy left. Don't mind me in the pictures. I didn't put any makeup on because I knew I was going to cry once Andy left.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mini Update

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone. I am a bit late but my hands have been FULL everyday. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is about giving and being Thankful. My Dad's Wife's family gave Andy and I a used but new Washer and a great Twin- Bed for Chase. We were going to buy Chase a new twin bed when we got to N.C and now we have recieved a great twin mattress,box spring and bed frame for FREE. Also the Washer. The Dryer we will get new in N.C. But we are so greatful. VERY GREATFUL. Everything always works out. I baked a Macoroni and Cheese Casserole and two loafs of Pumpkin Bread. Andy made his Pumpkin Bars. Everything turned out great and everyone loved my casserole. We had a great Thanksgiving. Andy and I got up early yesterday and went to Target, Sears, the mall and Toys R Us to see all of the Black Friday deals. We got all of our Christmas shopping done and we save ALOT of money. It was great and we are glad our Christmas shopping is DONE.

The kids are doing fabulous. Chase was so thrilled to see Andy come home. Madison was very happy too also including myself. It has been great having help again with everything. Andy leaves tonight and will be back in 20 days. Then we will all be together again for Christmas, New Years (which we will be on the road traveling for), Andy's birthday and Chase's birthday.
Andy's mother and grandmother are meeting us at our new house on the 3rd of January and leaving on the 11th to help us with the whole moving into a new house process plus two kids. Having them there will really help Andy and I out alot. Plus we haven't seen them in 2 years.

Andy helped me pack alot while he was here. Everything is pretty much packed now. We both have countdowns to the 28th on our phone. Right now there are 29 days left. This move could not come soon enough. We are very excited.

Since we have been very busy, I haven't forgotten to take pictures of our busy week. Sorry for that. Pictures will have to wait for now. But we are all doing well. Happy December to everybody!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Not too much longer...

44 more days until it is time to say goodbye. Thanksgiving is in 13 days. 41 days until Christmas and 8 days until "daddy" will be coming home. Disneyland is also in two weeks. Andy's 26th birthday is two days after Chirstmas. Chase is having his 3rd Birthday party on the 13th of December (His real birthday is January 13th, but we will be in N.C). My mom's birthday is January 15th. Along with all of those fun festivites, we have get togethers, Chase's pre-school class once a week, the kids last checkups and shots before we leave, pacjking and just enjoying the time we have left here in California.
For those of you that have forgotten, we packout on the 28th of Decmeber and Start our big drive from California to North Carolina on the 29th of December. Andy is going to be joining the Navy Reserves while working in construction. Andys last day in the Navy is July 09, 2009. Right after Andy gets out, he will be coming home to us for good for at least two years. Then we will be traveling to Indiana to see ALL of Andy's family. We haven't seen most of them in 3 years. We will also be attending Andy's best friend's ( Whom Andy grew up with) wedding. Andy will be the bestman.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I have the Madison's Christmas list and Chase's Birthday and Christmas list set up on under wishlists.
You type in Madison Kraus and Chase Kraus. You can order online or go to the store. Also Madison wears 18month-2T clothing and Chase wears 4T. Books are good gifts too. Chase and Madison LOVE books. We are always reading books.

Don't forget about their pages online.
Madison- password sweetangel
Chase- password littlesunshine
Let me know if the passwords don't work. They should be working though.

E-mail us at if you need our mailing address.

We won't be sending out Christmas cards this year due to our move and I always send Chirstmas family photos out with our cards every year. We won't have the time to do all of that this year. We do wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Christmas is about the lord and the time to be with one another. With the way the economy is we don't expect much at all. Hopefully the economy will turn around and next year will be better for everyone.

Here are a few recent pictures of the kids....

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween was great this year. The morning of, I drove the kids up to my moms. My mom had made some very yummy Halloween cupcakes, she took the kids for a walk to look at all of the spooky houses. I took my mom and sister and my kids out to lunch. It was nice seeing my mom on Halloween and showing her the kids costumes.

The kids then took their naps when we got home. We ate some dinner and I got the kids ready for the night of spooktakular fun of Halloween.

I took the kids first around my dad's street, where I grew up. We saw all my old neighboors and the kids got some extra candy.

Then my dad and his wife found out about these houses in Agoura that go ALL out on Halloween. So we went up there and it was alot of fun. They had all the streets blocked off. By seeing these houses you would think the owners were in the movie bussiness. This one house, had a bunch of actors and props, it was really cool. It was just all around fun. Chase and Madison were not scared just in aww all night. They had never seen so many people at once before. As soon as we got in the car, Madison passed out, she was so tired. It was mentally draining for her I am sure.
So as you could tell in the pictures, Chase was a dinosaur and Maddy was a ladybug. Chase wore the same costume last year, but it was to big. To save money we had him wear it again this year.

Halloween was fun, and it was our last Halloween and first in California!

<---- Chase's Pumpkin he helped carve!

Now Andy arrives in three weeks. Then Disneyland and Thanksgiving! Yippie!

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2 Dorks Are Better Than One
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