Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally a Diagnosis!

After 10 years of leg pain and fatigue, after the last 2 years of every other pain in my body and after the last 2 months of arm-joint pain, I finally have a diagnosis. I swear my story could be on the "Mystery Diagnosis" show on TLC and Discovery Health channels. I have seen, ENT doctors, PCM's, Eye Doctors, Have had Physical Therapy and Ultrasounds and some blood work. I have seen doctors in HI and CA and now N.C to where they have gotten down to the bottom of it all.

Come to find out with my list of symptoms most of it is Fibromyalgia which they firmly diagnosed me with today. I also have Scoliosis in my back and Arthritis in my left knee, which is very bad, a bit in my right knee and Arthritis in my sacrum which is terribly bad. They ran a bunch of other blood tests to rule out a thyroid disorder, Lyme disease and Lupus for some other pain I am having and my hair falling out in chunks. They also think that the arthritis in my sacrum could possibly be related to a disease because of my condition and whereabouts of it all. My doctor said it could me chromes disease or colitis. If it is any of that, which I hope not, I might need part of my intestine taken out. I am one big mess right now and dreading hearing about all of my blood work that should all be back within 1 month because they have to mail my blood to Georgia and California.

I am on 3 different medications for the rest of my life. None of what I have can be cured, just dealt with. I will be starting physical therapy 3 days a week at the hospital and seeing my Rheumotologist every couple of months. I will be getting a handicap sign for my car so its easier to get closer to the entrances of stores and whatnot.It is very hard for me to walk or drive for more than 45minutes at a time. I have to take a break and relax for at least 10 minutes before I can do anything again.

I still can't believe they actually found something wrong with me. After all of these years. They took about 10 x-rays today and saw my pain in my knee and in my lower back.
Then the doctor did poking tests around my whole body. I was amazed and how the doctor knew exactly where to touch and thats because he knew exactly where to touch on my body in about 25 different areas that made me scream in pain and jump out of my chair. Thanks to that test I have been in lots of pain all day. Now that is what fibromyalgia is, PAIN 24/7. Some people I have met say they have Fibro and that they are in remission or that they don't have it right now but they did. Well sorry, but you must have gotten missed diagnosed. Fibromyalgia NEVER goes away, you are always in pain. My mom and I both have it and it really HURTS. Sometimes it feels as if you have just the achey feeling of the flu times 10. For 3 days I was in so much pain I couldn't even take care of my children, I had my neighbors helping me and my mother. It was the worst feeling ever.
Hoepfully with my new meds, everything will get easier. I still don't understand how I could have arthritis at 23 years of age, but it might just be a disease that they are waiting for my blood to say. I have to say it all HURTS!
Oh and your sacrum is between your pelvic bone and spine.

I feel better knowing what I have now, and not feeling like an idiot for being in pain all of the time. Now I have reasons to the truth of my pain I have been feeling.

I also still have my appointment to see my neurologist in August. Hoping that goes well!

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