Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day from the Kraus Family!

Here are just a few pictures of the kids wearing green today. Mommy was wearing green too, but no picture. Daddy is always wearing green, its part of his uniform (even though he is in HI) So all of us were wearing green!

I had to run to this store to pick up some food for dinner and Chase wanted a toy. The whole time we were at the store he was telling me "I want that toy" "But it's st. patty's day". It was funny and very clever. He is one smart boy. He has alot of psychological tricks for a three year old. :)

Now Spring begins in three days. It's finally getting warmer outside. I just need to find some parks around here. Driving around you see none, but there has to be some. Easter is April 12th. Yay for Spring.

Happy St. Patricks Day

Friday, March 13, 2009

Miss Trouble!

Madison is quite the rebel lately.

Within the last two days, more than once every day she has;

-Opened the dishwasher and climbed into it

-Lifted up the toilet seats and goes head first into the toilet..such a water baby

-Opened the fridge, took out the mustard and squirted mustard all over the floor

-Pulls out the dining room chair, climbs onto it and then climbs on top of the dining room table

-Opens the silverwear drawer (we couldn't child proof the kitchen drawers) reaches in while standing on her tippy-toes and grabs what she can grab.

-Goes into the pantry and gets into all of the food
-She now knows how to open the doggy door on Yogi's kennel (and its a tricky lock) crawls in and puts all of the food into the water bowl

Is there anything she hasn't done???

I have had my hands completly full with her. My nickname for her is Pistol...I always say. .."You are being such a pistol" I have no idea where I got that from..but now can't stop. :)

Time-outs do not work for her and when I firmly tell her NO she smiles...the biggest smile, laughs and runs away from me!!!

Miss Trouble!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Snow Day

We had another snow storm on March 1st. It actually was raining for three days before the snow hit. We recieved about 4 inches of snow, maybe a bit more. It was a beautiful blanket of snow. I really love being out here on the East Coast. You actually get to see the seasons and enjoy it. Tornado season is starting. I looked at our forecast for the next week and starting monday (March 9) thru friday, we are going to have thunderstorms and rain. I went online to redcross.org and purchased a survival kit, just in case. Thank goodness we have a basement.
I still need to get a NOAA radio. I am not online all the time and the tv/news is not on all of the time, so the radio would come in handy. - The snow lasted about three days and then it was all gone. Now today almost a week later, we are in almost 80 degree weather. Its nice that it is warm now. We can actually enjoy the outdoors.
My spring cleaning is also starting this weekend. I also need to get the kids Easter baskets going.

Maddy is 18 months now. I can't believe it. I can actually put her hair in mini pigtails now, thats when she lets me touch her hair. The past couple of days she has been into Barbie. Brushing her
Barbie's hair and pushing Barbie in her baby stroller. Too cute!
Also anytime there is music on, you will see Maddy getting her groove on. She is quite the dancer! As you can see in the picture she loves crafts and drawing/coloring. Coloring! When she colors, she tends to draw on herself. She likes doing artwork on her legs.
No tattoos for Maddy though.No Kate Von D! I posted a video of Maddy dancing on her aboutmybaby page, so you will have to check it out.

Chase is doing great! His imagination is very wide and open. He talks about everything and anything. Yesterday I was watching the news and the news anchors were talking about a man that was missing, and Chase said "That mad dissapeared, daddy has to find him". Chase believes any man in uniform does what Daddy does or the other way around. Also yesterday I was going through all of my clothes, cleaning out my closet. I had tried this dress on and Chase tells me "Your a princess. I am a cowboy, Madison is a monster and the dog is a Bear". It was so funny. He is my helper though.

This morning I had slammed finger so hard in the door, because I was in a hurry that I was yelling and I said a few bad words on accident because I was in so much pain. It HURT!!! I thought my finger had fallen off. It is now purple, but Chase helped me and was then cleaning up the water I spilled on the floor. He is such a good boy.

We are now through our first week in March. My mom, sister, grandma and pops will be moving here at the end of April. Even though the kids and I will spending Easter alone, it will be nice to have family near until Andy gets home. 3.5 months until he is home. We have gotten through the last two months so the next 3.5 will go by fast especially once my family gets here.

We do have a new additon. We now are a family of five! Yogi is our new Aussie Pup. Right now he is 14 weeks old. Potty training is difficult, but when I put him outside he does go. It will take time, but my patients are running thin some days with picking up and scrubbing the carpet.

All is well over here though. Can not wait to have our last move for the next 3.5 years over with.

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2 Dorks Are Better Than One
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