Friday, January 23, 2009

An Award for my SAILOR....

More of a Seabee than a sailor.....Andy is now Sailor of the Quarter. He recieved the award and I couldn't be any happier for him. Andy really deserved this award, so I am glad he has gotten it. He has won and recieved so many medals, I think there is about 15 right now and many plaques and paper awards. We already have several on our walls, there are more to put up, but I am waiting until Andy is back so he can help me make his Navy Wall.

Now that Andy is SOQ he will now be nominated for Sailor of the year. WOOHOOO!

I have been helping Andy out by filling out applications for him online for jobs that he wants. I put in 2 yesterday and 3 more today. He is really wanting the job as a Construction Worker that helps make decisons for construction work along with helping. He meets all of the requirements plus more and he would be making at the minimum of $25 an hour and the max at $30 hour, full time job. Plus medical and dental. Quartly bonuses. Advancement opportunities, paid vacation and holidays.

There are a few others, but this job pays the most and that would mean we would be able to keep our new home and to possibly buy it.

I would go back to work, but daycare is very expensive and my job would even be paying for it, so there really is no point. Andy says he will be the money maker. :)

On top of Andy and his great success with the Navy, the master cheifs have been giving him crapt about his decison to quit the Navy when his contract is up in July. So Andy's mind is very "iffy" right now. That scares me, but I kow he will make the right decison. I told Andy since I moved us here to N.C and we had plan, and that plan will be cancelled due to you staying in, then you are planning the next trip and having movers pack up EVERYTHING. He said okay. :)
I love our new home and Andy does as well, but the Navy has 100% stability in everything. From a home to medical to food on your table. He would be returning to Iraq next year, if he does stay in, so we are hoping he gets the job he wants with all of these applications running through.

Pray for us and please keep your fingers crossed.

All is well otherwise and Chase is looking like Andy more more everyday. Maddy is quite the dancer now too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SNOW at the Kraus House!!!

SNOW!! We finally got snow. It was in the forecast for last night and today. Last night before I went to bed I had decided to check one more time to see if there was snow. There was and it was coming down pretty good. It felt like I was in a dream. I woke up Chase and we both went outside to catch the falling snow. The fresh fallen snow felt like powder, so soft and beautiful. I put Chase back to bed and tried to stay up. I could have watch the snow fall for hours, but I got sleepy.

When we all woke up this morning, there was even more snow. It was everywhere. The kids couldn't wait to go out, and I couldn't either. We ate breakfast and got all bundled up. The kids were outside for about 30 minutes and then it just got too cold to even be outside. Chase had fun making snowballs and throwing them at me. Maddy is such a hawaiian baby, that she didn't want her gloves on, so with her playing in the snow bare-handed, her hands started to freeze and she started to cry. But everytime I put her gloves back on, she would take them off. :)

Here are some pictures and a few videos.

This picture is of our backyard.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Link to pictures of the house

Will there be snow???

I wrote a recent update on Chase's aboutmybaby page, but here is a little recap of the past few weeks.

We left CA on Dec. 29. We went through CA, Arizona (Flagstaff had a ton of snow), New Mexico all in our first day. We slept in Albuquerque that night. Then we went through the rest of New Mexico, Texas and arrived in Arkansas were we slept our second night. We had to cut that day short because Maddy got sick. Our next day we finished Arkansas, Oklahoma and spent our New Years Eve night in Nashville TN. We had a good time seeing Nashville and ate at a nice Sushi resturant with kids for dinner. On New Years day we finished TN and Welcomed ourselves to our new home state of N.C. We arrived at our new home, met out landlords and we just love it here.
Our Home is gorgeous and same with our half acre and yard. Andy loves that he has 3 garages to pick from and mess around with. The kids love their rooms. We love everything. It all worked out great, thanks to me. I planned the trip, saved the money, got us the house and arranged it all. I have to say I did a darn good job.

Andy went back to Hawaii 5 days ago. Everything is unpacked and where it all needs to be. Andy and I both took our drivers's license tests and got our N.C drivers licenses along with N.C license plates for the Van and registration. The saturn will get done once Andy gets here. I felt a huge block of relief lifted off of my shoulders once all of that got done. Andys contract ends for the Navy/Military on July 09. He leaves 30 days before that though. Andy will be shipping the saturn at the end of May, meeting the car in CA and driving all over again by himself from CA to N.C. Its way cheaper that way, so thats the way we are doing it. Andy should be home for good around the middle of June. Just before our 4 year anniversary.

My mom, sister and grandma and pops will be arriving here on my birthday (I will be 23). May 3rd. So I will have family to spend that with. Easter the kids and I will be alone. Since I can't buy the kids easter baskets at the store (they will want them right then and there) I am going to have to order them online. :)

I joined another mommies group out here in our county, just like

I don't think I will be going to any activites or meetings until summer or late spring. I know my way around town to get to where I need to go, all of the important places, so thats not it. The doctors on the insurance that we have are pretty far. The nearest doctor for me is 30 miles and for the kids its 39 miles. The insurance told me if the kids get sick I can just take them to the ER. The hospital is 10 miles away, so thats alot better. Madison's next check-up isn't until March for 18months which is good. So by the time Andy gets here and we are on our new insurance for the Navy Reserves madison will have her 18 month check-up. March to June is 3 months, but she will be fine. I dont think she even needs anymore shots until her 2 year check up because she just had her last shots at 15 months and they either do those shots then or at 18 months. Chase will be about 6 months late on his 3 year shots. They just checked his blood at his 3 year check up in late december and he was fine. Even when your child gets the common cold or flu, the doctor can't give any meds for it anyways, because its a virus. If the kids are sick for more than 2 weeks, running a high fever or just down right sick sick, I will take them to the ER. But that is why no playdates until summer until we are on our new insurance, because the kids have a higher chance of catching viruses when they are around other children. Madison and Chase have great company in each other anyways. They get along great.

I miss Andy terribly, but he will be home soon. We have done 2 other deployments before. Chase has been helping me out alot. Watching Maddy while I take a shower, helping take out the garbage pails and recycling on the days that stuff has to go out, helping me clean and wash dishes. He is such s good big boy.

I will put up pictures soon i promise. I have been super busy, and haven't had time to make sure every room is sparkling to take the pictures. Give me awhile.

We have been in this house 3 weeks now, and we all love it. It is so peaceful. You never hear traffic or cars, loudness. It is so quiet. We live very close to the river/lake. They allow boats and fishing. About a half of a mile if walking. It's beautiful. We are surrounded my woods...deep in the woods people go hunting. I have never been around that before but thats how it is out here.

It is has been very cold the last few days. Our lowest was 7 degrees. They say its going to snow tonight and tomorrow so today I made my last trip out for about another week or so. I hope it snows and if it does I will post some pictures of the snow.

We love and miss you all. Happy new year!!!

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