Friday, January 23, 2009

An Award for my SAILOR....

More of a Seabee than a sailor.....Andy is now Sailor of the Quarter. He recieved the award and I couldn't be any happier for him. Andy really deserved this award, so I am glad he has gotten it. He has won and recieved so many medals, I think there is about 15 right now and many plaques and paper awards. We already have several on our walls, there are more to put up, but I am waiting until Andy is back so he can help me make his Navy Wall.

Now that Andy is SOQ he will now be nominated for Sailor of the year. WOOHOOO!

I have been helping Andy out by filling out applications for him online for jobs that he wants. I put in 2 yesterday and 3 more today. He is really wanting the job as a Construction Worker that helps make decisons for construction work along with helping. He meets all of the requirements plus more and he would be making at the minimum of $25 an hour and the max at $30 hour, full time job. Plus medical and dental. Quartly bonuses. Advancement opportunities, paid vacation and holidays.

There are a few others, but this job pays the most and that would mean we would be able to keep our new home and to possibly buy it.

I would go back to work, but daycare is very expensive and my job would even be paying for it, so there really is no point. Andy says he will be the money maker. :)

On top of Andy and his great success with the Navy, the master cheifs have been giving him crapt about his decison to quit the Navy when his contract is up in July. So Andy's mind is very "iffy" right now. That scares me, but I kow he will make the right decison. I told Andy since I moved us here to N.C and we had plan, and that plan will be cancelled due to you staying in, then you are planning the next trip and having movers pack up EVERYTHING. He said okay. :)
I love our new home and Andy does as well, but the Navy has 100% stability in everything. From a home to medical to food on your table. He would be returning to Iraq next year, if he does stay in, so we are hoping he gets the job he wants with all of these applications running through.

Pray for us and please keep your fingers crossed.

All is well otherwise and Chase is looking like Andy more more everyday. Maddy is quite the dancer now too.

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