Friday, March 13, 2009

Miss Trouble!

Madison is quite the rebel lately.

Within the last two days, more than once every day she has;

-Opened the dishwasher and climbed into it

-Lifted up the toilet seats and goes head first into the toilet..such a water baby

-Opened the fridge, took out the mustard and squirted mustard all over the floor

-Pulls out the dining room chair, climbs onto it and then climbs on top of the dining room table

-Opens the silverwear drawer (we couldn't child proof the kitchen drawers) reaches in while standing on her tippy-toes and grabs what she can grab.

-Goes into the pantry and gets into all of the food
-She now knows how to open the doggy door on Yogi's kennel (and its a tricky lock) crawls in and puts all of the food into the water bowl

Is there anything she hasn't done???

I have had my hands completly full with her. My nickname for her is Pistol...I always say. .."You are being such a pistol" I have no idea where I got that from..but now can't stop. :)

Time-outs do not work for her and when I firmly tell her NO she smiles...the biggest smile, laughs and runs away from me!!!

Miss Trouble!


Shawn and Krystal said...

ha ha she may be trouble, but she is adorable!

Sarah said...

agh! haha. i've been slowly learning that if there is trouble to be had, they will find it.


The Turners said...

that is so cute!

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