Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween was great this year. The morning of, I drove the kids up to my moms. My mom had made some very yummy Halloween cupcakes, she took the kids for a walk to look at all of the spooky houses. I took my mom and sister and my kids out to lunch. It was nice seeing my mom on Halloween and showing her the kids costumes.

The kids then took their naps when we got home. We ate some dinner and I got the kids ready for the night of spooktakular fun of Halloween.

I took the kids first around my dad's street, where I grew up. We saw all my old neighboors and the kids got some extra candy.

Then my dad and his wife found out about these houses in Agoura that go ALL out on Halloween. So we went up there and it was alot of fun. They had all the streets blocked off. By seeing these houses you would think the owners were in the movie bussiness. This one house, had a bunch of actors and props, it was really cool. It was just all around fun. Chase and Madison were not scared just in aww all night. They had never seen so many people at once before. As soon as we got in the car, Madison passed out, she was so tired. It was mentally draining for her I am sure.
So as you could tell in the pictures, Chase was a dinosaur and Maddy was a ladybug. Chase wore the same costume last year, but it was to big. To save money we had him wear it again this year.

Halloween was fun, and it was our last Halloween and first in California!

<---- Chase's Pumpkin he helped carve!

Now Andy arrives in three weeks. Then Disneyland and Thanksgiving! Yippie!

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