Tuesday, February 17, 2009

VA Here we come

Andy got offical orders today! We leave and pack out for Norfolk, VA in mid-July. We will be there for 4 years. Andy got his dream job there, and he will not be returning to Iraq for the third time at all while we are there in VA. The lord has been answering all of our prayers and everyone elses whom have been praying for us. Andy starts work in August. So we have another 5-6 months here in N.C.
I can't believe that when we leave VA in four years that Chase will be in second grade he will be 7 years old and Maddy will be almost 6. Time will fly as it is now.

Such great news and we are thrilled. My mom and grandparents are going to watch the kids in July while Andy and I chose our new Navy House. I love the navy housing so I can not wait. We will be down-grading from our current 5 bedroom 3 full baths to 3 bedroom 2.5 bath, but its better that way. This is house is just too big for us. VA here we come this summer. Woohoo!

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Shawn and Krystal said...

You will only be an hour and a half from us!! we will have to meet up for sure!

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