Friday, December 26, 2008

On the road we go..

We had a very Merry Christmas. The kids recieved SOO MANY gifts. Just to name a few, Chase; Leap Frog Tag Reading System (with four books and cards), Tonka Helipcopter, Lots of clothes, Little Tikes Digital Tough Camera, Geo Trax the bonus package...and more. Madison; Little Mommy Doll (Fisher Price), Leap Frog Little Touch leap pad with books, Clothes, Ride-On car, Mega Blocks, Mellisa and Doug puzzles, Dora Book, more dolls and more stuff.

Andy got alot of clothes, new shoes and razor. Andy made me a jewelry box made of of real Oak wood. He handcrafted/hand made the whole thing all by himeself and it took him about a week. I also recieved Guess Perfume and bvlgari perfume, scarves, UGG Cardy Boots and Vera Bradley make up bag and purse with wallet. Andy and I also recieved new furniture for our new home, baskets full of goodies and gift cards/ We are so greateful for everything.

Thank you to everyone for everything.

We are leaving Monday early morning. We have bags and bags of toys and books and etc for each day for each child for this trip. We also had a dvd player installed this summer to the ceiling of the van, so the kids will also be entertained by that. Our van is only 2 years old, so there will hopefully be no breakdowns on this 2400 mile journey through, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennesse and Finally North Carolina. We are doing 12 hour days from 7am to 7pm. We are also bringing our bird. We have tons of dvds for the kids also, boxes of food and cases of water, extra blankets, pack-n-play, stroller, laptop, and 5 suitcases. So much stuff to bring. Pray for us on our liong three day journey to our new home.

Our truck driver also called us today to tell us he will be here at 8am on saturday to start our loading. He will be ariving in N.C between Jan. 2 and Jan. 8. So we have to be there by the morning of the 2nd just in case. We will make it though. Mapquest said 2400 miles/ 32 hours to get there. 2 12 hour days and one 10 hour day and we will be there. We can not wait to get into our new home. Plus our dish and reciever boxes are being installed on the 2nd.

Our next update wont be until my house is completely unpacked and everything is in its place. That way we can post some pictures. I have been talking to our landlords at least once a week. They have installed new apliances and freshly painted. Its funny because I thought our new home is only 4 bedrooms plus the basement, but our new home has 4 bedrooms and an office and the basement. So 5 bedrooms. :) We can not wait.

We will update sometime towards the end of January, so no update for while. I can recieve and write back to e-mails at our yahoo e-mail on my cell, so write us that way. Talk to you all soon and happy new year, we will be bringing the new year in, in Nashville!! WooHoo.

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