Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy Busy For The Next 10 Days

I thought last week was busy enough between my hospital and doctors vists. This coming week is going to be alot worse. Tomorrow I have a TON of errands to run. Taking our dog to the groomers at petsmart, and while we are there I am taking our bird in to get his nails clipped. I really do not want to drive all the way back home (about 20 mintues) to take the bird home while Yogi is getting groomed for 4 hours. I might have to and then drive all the way back and finish running my errands at Target, Party City and etc. until Yogi is done. I need to get one more gift for Miss Madison, do some grocery shopping, go to Party City to get some things for Maddy's birthday and I think there are a couple more places on my list while occupying my time while Yogi's groom visit is being taken care of.

The next day (September 1st) is my surgery. Laperoscopy and Cystoscopy. They doctors will be doing some procedures on my bladder and then some procedures in my abdomen and pelvic area. Taking biopsies, removing whatever they find and what not. I will be out completely with general anesthesia. I am REALLY nervous. I am a total worry wart when it comes to situations that are totally out of my control. Me being put out and not being able to breath on my own and not being able to know whats going on around me, much less in my body, is very mind bottling.
I am praying I wake up and do not die. I sound like a total freak, but I am scared and that is my life. I am the first patient of the day, so my doctor will hopefully be fresh and non-stressed with a full previous nights of sleep. I however have to wake up around 4am and leave around 5am to make it to the hospital by 5:30am-6am which is the time they want me there. I can not eat breakfast so I will have low blood sugar which makes me VERY crabby. My mom and grandmother are coming up the night before to stay with me. My grandmother will be staying with the kids while my mother takes me and stays with me at the hospital.
My doctor said the surgery will take about 1 hour and then I will be in recovery for a couple of hours. I am hope they find something that will explain my bladder and pelvic pain.
On top of all of that going on south in my body, I seem to have more health issues north in my body. I saw my neruologist. He said my reflexes were not good and because of my migraines on the left side of my head, they ordered me to have an MRI with contrast on my brain. Then he felt my thyroid and it hurt and it felt swollen, so he ordered a ultrasound on that and on my liver. I had 20 tubes NO JOKE of blood taken from me for testing. Since I am anemic, that didnt go so well. I had all of those tests done about 5 days ago, and when I called my doctors office the other day, they still have not recieved the results. So I HAVE to call tomorrow. Something must have been elevated in my bloodwork for my doc to order a liver ultrasound. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so my nerves are always up in a roar. I am so glad I am on muslce relaxants at night. I truely sleep like a baby thanks to those pills.

Due to my surgery, I will be out for a couple of days. Which brings me to friday September 4th. That is the day my Hubby is home and mine for good. Well until his next deployment at Little Creek in VA. Which should be in the summer of next year. Hubby got us a house in Navy housing right outside the Little Creek Base. Excited about that. 3bedroom. I looked up the address on Google Earth and it looks nice. Back to Navy housing, thankgoodness. Paying utilites is stressful. We are moving September 9th. Our new place is only 6 hours from where we are at now. Hubby will be driving the U-Haul with our dog, while I follow in our van with the kids and the bird. We sleep at the Navy lodge that night and then we pick up our keys in the morning on the 10th.

Madison's birthday is 1 week from today. We will be having some friends over and family. A little get together, nothing big. Very quiet and calm.

Madison is talking ALOT. She almost has all of her teeth in. She REALLY wants to be potty trained. She will take off her pants/shorts, then her diaper and will squat on the floor and go potty. I packed the potty, thinking she woudln't be trained until 3 years of age like Chase. WRONG. So, I can't wait until we get to the new house so I can unpack the potty and get her started. The next step is getting her off of the binky. We took Chase's away at 2 and he only had 3 days of screaming and crying, then he was over it. Hoping the same for Maddy.

Chase is doing very well. He knows way too much for his age. He is showing ALOT of responsibility for being 3.5. The other day there was a mess of crackers made on the floor. Chase got out the Vaccum, plugged it in and cleaned up the mess along with vaccuming the whole upstairs without me asking him or showing him anything. Good kid.

That is our current update. Pray for me in my surgery. I will update again after we are all moved in, in our new house in Virginia Beach, Virginia! :)

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Travis & Bri said...

I am so sorry that you are having to go through that. I know how difficult it can be to struggle with your health. You will be in our prayers and I wish you a very speedy recovery.

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