Sunday, May 2, 2010

5 Month update

My last post was in 2009 and we are already in the 5th month of 2010. I am late, very late. :)
So let me write a brief recap of what has happened in the last 6 months.
Starting with January.

January 2010

Major earthquake strikes HAITI. Haiti lives in poverty so it was already known by the world and the US Government that the country was going to need our help. By the time Chase's 4th birthday had shown up on the 13th of January, Andy had known he and his command were going to be sent over to Haiti. Even though Andy was working over 12 hours a day and 7 days a week to prepare his command for Haiti, I continued to follow through with my plans and host Chase's Soldier birthday party. Our close friends, neighbors and children came to celebrate. The party was a success and we all had fun. Andy came home the last hour of the party and had some cake. That following week Andy's command had a pre-deployment meeting to brief us the families on what was to be expected of this deployment to Haiti. We all were told our loved ones would be over in Haiti for up to 6 months. I then prepared myself for the next 6 months to be a lonely spouse, but to also promise myself that I would keep my plate full and to only think positive. At the pre-deployment meeting they were asking for volunteers to make an FRG (Family Readiness Group) for ACB-2 (Andy's command). I volunteered and was proudly accepted to be the Secretary for the FRG team. Not only was I excited and thrilled to be apart of my husbands job, but it would require for us the team to hear some news before everyone else in certain circumstances. A couple of days after all was said and done for their journey in Haiti, the command had left.

February 2010
Andy was now in Haiti. I had only heard from him once and that was for him to confirm to me that he had made it to Haiti safely. By this time I was involved with the FRG, signing Chase up for t-ball, looking for preschools for Chase, looking for Active Classes for Madison, Signed the kids up for their own Story time classes at our local library and trying to keep us all occupied.
Valentines day had came and gone. Just another day, nothing special. Bought the chidren their summer wardrobes, had a Yard Sale to sell alot of the kids toys and clothes that were too small for them. Which by they way I made a little over $100 at that yardsale, by just selling small misc items. By then end of Feb. I starting hearing from Andy via e-mail, which is nice. We have Sprint for cell phone service and we didnt have reception their, so Andy had to end up using other peoples phones for a couple minutes at a time to reach me and to let me know he was okay. Due to security breaches I can not discuss how, where or what happened in Haiti. During this month we also had a major snow storm. We had over 8 inches of snow fall within 2 days. It was very beautiful. We did not go anywhere for about 4 days. The kids and even our dog loved it, but I was very sad that Andy missed it all. None the less it was 8 inches of snow in Virginia Beach out of all places.

March 2010
I was now writing e-mails to Andy and having emails sent to me from him almost on a daily basis. Chase and Madison were enjoying their story time classes at the library every week, Chase was now signed up for T-ball and having his first practices. The kids were doing great.
I as you know I am always struggle with my health. Fibromyalgia, Intersitial Cysitis, Arthritis, nodules on my thyroid ( which I had a biopsy for and they came back cancer free), then now that Andy was gone something new had come up. Throwing up everything I ate. It was the middle of March and I had enough of the vomiting. I then find out that they have started sending the guys/gals home from Haiti. One group huge group had came home that monday, I was then told that Andy's group was due to come in a couple of days later. At which he then did. My husband had to come home to his wonderful wife vomiting every couple of hours. Not what I had planned. We had made a sign (the kids and I) held it up for Andy to see as he was coming out of the terminal. It was a bit emotional but we were all so relieved to have them all home. That following week I was diagnosed with Gastroperesis (Your stomach muscle is paralized). No surgery required except the EGD I had done. But I am now on a medicene that is well-known for lawyer suits. Reglan. It has helped the Gastro problem 100%. My body depends on it, because if I even miss one dose, I then start vomiting again. But I am doing well. :)

April 2010

Spring has come, April fools has passed and Easter was here. Andy was on leave so we all took a vacation to North and South Carolina. We stayed with my grandparents who are neighbors with my mother in North Carolina and the kids stayed with my mom. We had alot of fun and had seen alot of wonderful things. We also visited my good friend Kara and he family in South Carolina. I met Kara when we were all stationed in Hawaii. The vacation was only 1 week, but it all was well needed. The drive wasn't too bad. It takes us a good 6-7 hours both ways. Nothing is like home though, and it felt mighty good to be home. Andy then went back to work and was told he is leaving again for the Middle East at the end of May. :( He is only supposed to be gone for about 6 weeks just about the same time he was in Haiti. 6 weeks I can do. :) Chase has now had baseball games. I love watching him play. He is growing up! I had signed Chase up for a grant funded preschool back in Feb. It is a FREE preschool if you get accepted. I had called them because I had not heard anything on weather or not Chase was in or out. They had told me that Chase was in. Yay!!! Now they are not sure if he is on the wait list or if he has been put on the schedule. We will find out more once school is out in June. I am excited about it and it is now one less thing to worry about. Once Chase starts in september, I will be signing Madison up for some classes at our local recreation center.

May 2010
It is now May. I turn 24 on monday. I feel alot older, but yes I will be 24. May is going to be a VERY busy month.
Just this weekend alone has been busy. Chase had team and self pictures for t-ball, we went to the beach all day yesterday after Chase's game, then I went to dinner and a movie with my friend Laura. Today we brought out our GIANT inflatable slide for the kids, then tonight I go for another dinner and a movie with my friend Karen. All for my birthday tomorrow.
Next weekend we have a birthday party, I have my massage and spa pedicure from my husband for my birthday, then sunday is Mothers Day and strawberry picking. The next weekend we have another birthday party and we are going to see Sesame Street on stage. The next weekend we have another t-ball game of Chase's, then a yard sale then church. Andy's mom and step-dad are supposed to be stopping by on their way to Florida at the end of May before Andy leaves on deployment. May is busy busy I tell ya. :)

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