Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Day Of Wonderful Memories

Our Easter Sunday was Perfect. Very quiet and calm and small. No family and Husband/Daddy which I was sad about, but at least I have our wonderful children. The kids woke up Easter morning to find their Easter baskets next to their beds. Full of smiles and "Wow's". Lots of paper and trash everywhere from the kids tearing everything open. I am glad I got them Sugar Free Chocolate bunnies because they had eaten them up before I even had the chance to make them breakfast. :)
I set my cell phone alarm for 6am. The sun wasn't even up yet. I got dressed while still being half-asleep. Went out front and hid all of the eggs. Came back inside, ate my breakfast while catching up on my DVRed shows. 7am my two little munchkins arose out of bed. Everything began.
By 8:30am Everything was OVER. I couldn't believe. The kids woke up so early, opened up their baskets, ate breakfast, got dressed and went outside and found all of the eggs. I was already exhausted by 9am and I had only been up for 3 hours!!! But the day was relaxing and fun for the kids playing with their new things. Thats all that matters. :)
The night before Easter, I hard boiled a carton of eggs, put covers over the kids and got everything ready for the kids to decorate and color their first set of eggs for Easter.
Madison already knew what to do, she grabbed those crayons and started drawing on her eggs. Then she dipped them into the cups of dye. She also managed to drink some of the dye. Thankfully it was all non-toxic. But the look on her face as she tasted that vinigar was priceless. Sooo funny! Chase made some beautiful eggs. He literally sat their concentrating and decorating that one egg the whole time.
Our Easter was nice and Spring is here finally.

My mom, sister and grandparents are moving out here in 2 weeks. They will be 55miles south of me. The kids and I are down to see them the day after they arrive on May 1st. Yogi is also coming with us. Yogi gets car-sick so I am putting him in his kennel in our Van as we drive there. We will be staying the whole weekend and my 23rd birthday is that Sunday. Can't wait to see them and help them all unload. I am actually getting MORE furniture from them all and decor stuff so I am thrilled.

Thanks to the government throwing millions of dollars to banks that have no need for it all...they are short on money to fund the military.
There are about 5 people at Andy's work that have PCS moves and transfers within the next 2 months, along with Andy. Well they pushed everyone back by 4 months. They told Andy that he won't be going to VA or coming home until OCTOBER!!! 6 more months.
Well Since all they have to pay for is Andy's ticket and a TV and clothes to ship. Instead of a house full of goods, a car, and more people like everyone else..they are trying to get the funding for Andy to come home at the end of June. So pray for that. Our 4 year wedding anniversary is the 30th of June and Fathers Day is in June so we really want him home.

Life is great right now and the kids and I are loving everyday and living everyday to the fullest.

Here are some Pictures of Easter and Our trip to the Park Today. Our kids are getting so BIG!

Pictures From Our Trip To The Park Today 04/16/2009

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