Friday, May 15, 2009

My Little Miss America

Our little 20month old little girl. Talking more and more everyday. Its funny how she will make a mess and then come tell me "Mamma Mess" as she is pointing to what she has done. She never takes a nap or leaves the house, or sometimes even a room, without bringing her pink bear with her. That little pink bear has been thrown in the wash at least once every two weeks since Maddy was born. I really need to start looking for another one just like it in case something happens to the one she has. And when Maddy doesn't have her pink bear with her (she calls the bear her baby) she will let you know. She usually says "Baby, wh-R you?"
Maddy loves coloring and even sometimes when my back is turned she sneaks in some art work on the walls, or floor.
She says ALOT of words now, I don't even have the time to type them all on here.
Maddy knows all of her animals. She will bring them to me and ask me "Whts tis" as in Whats this?
She calls her binky a binky and can say it loud and clear. I will be weaning her off of it when she turns two as I did the same with Chase.
Maddy now takes off her own diaper, she wants to go on the potty. Yesterday she had no diaper on and told me "Up Up" as she was pointing to the potty, but since I was on the pot, I could not let her on and she went on the floor. I was so proud that she was communicating about her wanting to go on the potty.
The other day there was a Katy Perry music video on tv. Well Madison started getting her groove on. She was REALLY watching Katy Perry and her dance moves and Madison starting copying her same moves. I had really wished I had my camera handy. It was a laughable moment.
Since day one Maddy has been a Water-Baby. She loves the water. She will get into the toilet water, she will get on Chase's stool and turn on the faucet. Yesterday we went to the lake and Madison went right into the water. I had to put my soaking wet toddler into her carseat and head straight home. :)
When it's cuddle time, Maddy will curl up right next to me start pattting my back or rubbing my arm. Its so cute and it realxes her, I guess. She will also climb right into my lap and start giving my a ton of kisses and rubbing her nose against mine.
That is a big difference between a boy and a girl RIGHT THERE. Chase would body slam me and Madison would pat my back and give me kisses. No, but they are Andy and I's joy.
We love our kiddos

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