Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have the "mommy brain". I am always forgetting things. Which means I forgot to post about Andy and I's trip to Laughlin, NV and the Colorado River. The mini honeymoon/vacation that we really needed. There would have been pictures but we forgot our camera.
We took this trip a couple of weeks ago. We stayed at the Harrahs Hotel and Casino. We had a nice room on the 15th floor. Half of our room looked over the River. Nice King bed, flat screen tv on the wall. It was just all around great.
We rented jet ski's while we were there. Andy and I took turns driving. Well while my lovely husband was driving and I was clinging to his back, a boat drove by and made some extra waves. So on top of the current of the river and the waves that the boat had made...and the speed we were going...WHEW...we flew into the air about 3 feet. Then BOOM we landed. I am suprised Andy didn't have any marks on him for how tight I was holding onto him. My neck got tweaked up a bit, a minor whip-lash. My neck hurt for about a week. But it was fun. When I drove the jet ski it was like I was flying..so I had alot of fun. The river water was cold but the temp outside was about 109 degrees if not, hotter. Since it was that hot, the water was nice to be in and to be in the AC rooms of the casino was nice.
I don't know how to gamble and hubby has a few years of experience. The slot machines were not bringing us any luck, so we hit the tables. Andy is pretty good at blackjack. He lost a couple of times, and won a good share of a couple more games. There are hand signals of playing these games and lots of rules. I didn't feel like looking stupid, so I let Andy do all of the playing. We didn't win much, and what we did win we lost by playing again. Thats how gambling goes.
The hotel has singers that play there, so while we were there Earl Turner was playing. He sings blues and old school songs. He was VERY good. I loved all of the songs he sung.
Andy and I had such a good time. We can't wait for our next mini honeymoon.
Once we came back home, it was the greatest feeling in the world to see our kids greeting us with love and smiles.

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