Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Shoes

You know those hidden, in the corner, child/baby boutiques? They always have the hippest and stylish things in the store.The clothes, shoes, toys, etc, that are always so unique? The cute things that celebrities would by for their babies? Well I found one of those stores today, well I'll give the credit to my madre, even though I have driven by the store and wished to go in, but they were closed. This store was adorable. Although, in these types of stores EVERYTHING is on the pricey side. Just like the store "Smooch" the Kardashian's own in Calabassas, CA. I walked into their store and actually saw Kourtney working in there. But everything was too pricey. The store I went in today might be closing, so they had 20% off one item you buy. Well I bought Madison two pairs of shoes. These shoes were SO CUTE. They had tons more and I wanted them all. I have to say Madison will be so stylish.

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Mary, Mel, & Cora said...

I love the shoes, that is my favorite brand for Cora :)
And we are moving to new houses at AMR. 3 bedrooms 2.5 bath and 2000 square feet, hard wood floors, REAALLY NICE. It's not Forest City, which is also cool! We are excited.

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2 Dorks Are Better Than One
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