Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long Week

Andy came back home the 17th of August and he just left again on the 2nd of September. This time it is really hitting the kids hard. Madison keeps saying "Da Da" and Chase is always saying "Daddy went to work and on airplane". Chase can talk to Andy on the phone and they can have mini conversations, so it helps Chase out alot. We miss him but he will be back for Thanksgiving and then again for Christmas and his birthday which is in december. After that it won't be until April when we move to N.C. Which we all can not wait for. We need our own home and to all be together again.

For those of you that do not know what is going on...

Andy is still in Hawaii working, while the kids and I are in CA staying with my grandma so we can save the housing money the Navy gives us every month. That way when Andy gets out in July of next year, we have money saved and debt paid off. Its working so far.

It is something we have to do so Andy can be military free. He is thinking about joining the Navy reserves so we can keep our benefits and he can count on a little money from the military. But I don't want him to get deployed anymore and he doesn't want to either. He loves working in construction but not in the Navy. I just want him to be happy and not have to suffer anymore with the Navy. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

My grandmothers neighbored passed away on sunday, so I am going to the funeral on saturday. Then saturday night we are celebration Madison's birthday at my mom's. We have already had two other birthday's for Madison. Thats what you get when you have divorced parents. :)

Andy took his 1st class test today. I am hoping he passes, but if he doesn't its not a big deal because he will be getting out of the Navy anyways. I love him no matter what so he doesn't need to be worried about what I think. I know he is smart.

I am sad Andy is not here with us, so the TV has been my friend these last couple of days..haha.

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