Thursday, September 4, 2008

Take Me To The Fair...

This is about a month too old, But I thought I would post it anyways because this day had so many firsts and it was a fun day.

(Chase with his Aunty --->)

This summer we went to the VC Fair with Grammy, Aunt Ashley and Papa, As the kids would call my sister, mother and step-father :)
We took the train down to the fair and back home. It was the first time Chase and Madison had ridden on a train. Chase was so excited and he loved it.

It was fun for Chase, because he had never seen so many BIG rides and things in his life. For Maddy and I it was just too HOT. I get crabby in the heat. But when Ashley and I went on a ride I got a bit excited. One ride did it for me though. I took the kids mostly so Chase could get on a few rides and its always nice to get out of the house.

Chase bumped into this clown at the fair, and he wasn't too excited as you can tell in the picture. My sister can't stand clowns and this clown was trying to talk to her. It was a funny moment. Chase looks so miserable in this picture.

Chase went on about 5 rides and he had ridden those rides about twice each. He had two tickets left, when we left the fair. Chase didn't give those tickets up. For about a week Chase was carrying those tickets in his pocket and always talking about them. It was cute.
We had a good time. I think that will be the last time going to the VC Fair. Many more fairs to go go when we move to N.C. :)

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