Thursday, September 25, 2008

North Carolina in December

Thats right! We will be residents of N.C. We will be leaving California and on our road trip way to North Carolina. Rutherfordton to be exact. December 28th is when we leave. We have a moving company coming to pick up our stuff. Then the kids, Andy and I will be in our van, driving, site-seeing and watching dvds. We are super excited to start this new chapter in our lives as a family. After this no more moves. Just one more block to block move in a couple of years when we purchase our first home. But other than that. No more military and no more out of state moving. YAY!
Andy will be here for Thanksgiving and then coming back for Christmas, his 26th birthday and then the move. Then after we are settled Andy will be heading back to Hawaii to finish up for a couple of months and then back home to N.C to us.
It will be perfect because Chase turns 3 in January and I might be able to get him into a preschool in January, we will see. I haven't looked into all of that yet. But when he makes friends, I won't have to worry about us moving again and Chase losing his friends.
So much to look forward too. Just 3 more months!!! The countdown begins. :)

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